Reviews : A-Power 480-Watt 20/24-Pin ATX power supply

OH NO! IT KILLED YOUR MOTHERBOARD!! Stay away from this one. I replaced one of these for a neighbor recently. For my neighbor, it died on her after about an hour of use.

This power supply is not UL listed. With my own eyes, I did not see a UL sticker on it. As shown below, under the "Additional information" section, you'll find this phrase: "This power supply has no regulatory approvals". The manufacturer also states "Short circuit protection on all outputs". I've uploaded a picture of it. The fuse did NOT blow in my neighbors. Instead, it fried her motherboad. carried it for a little while. Below is the copy of their page on it.

Part #:  	   APGD480-NOFANSPEED
Warranty: 	  1 Year
Condition: 	  New
Packaging: 	  Retail Box
Ship Weight: 	  2.5 lbs
Manufacturer: 	  A-Power
MFG Part #: 	  APGD480
Supported By: 	  Geeks

Reg Price: 	  $15.50 
Save: 	 $2.00 (13%)
Now: 	 $13.50

OH YEAH! POWER!! This A-Power 480-Watt 20/24-Pin ATX power supply supports Intel Pentium 4 /AMD processors and complies with ATX standards. 
It includes a 12-inch ATX power connector, six 12-inch large molex power connectors, a PCI-Express power connector and a 12-inch SATA connector.
The shiny gold color looks great too. Let the A-Power 480-Watt 20/24-Pin ATX power supply get to work for you today...Buy it NOW!


    * A-Power 480-Watt 20/24-Pin ATX Power Supply

    * General Features:
    * Gold color
    * Complies with ATX standards
    * Dual-fans for optimal cooling
    * Low noise and ripple
    * Over-voltage protection
    * Short circuit protection on all outputs
    * Power On/Off switch  
    * One (1) 12-inch ATX 12V power connector
    * One (1) 12-inch large 20/24-pin power connector
    * Four (4) 12-inch large molex power connectors
    * One (1) SATA connectors
    * One (1) small 4-pin floppy connectors
    * One (1) 6-pin PCI-Express

    * Voltage Specifications:
    * 115/230 V voltage
    * 60/50 HZ frequency
    * +3.3, 28 A
    * +5, 36 A
    * +12, 16 A
    * -12, 0.8 A
    * -5, 0.5 A
    * +5V, 3 A

    * Dimensions:
    * 6 x 5.75 x 3.3-inches (H x W x D, approximate)

Package Includes:

    * A-Power 480-Watt 20/24-Pin ATX Power Supply
    * Power Cord

Additional Information:

    * Notes:
    * Model: APGD480
    * UPC: 6 41272 69840 5 
    * This power supply has no regulatory approvals

    * Product Requirements:
    * ATX case
    * ATX Motherboard
    * Available power outlet

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