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Computer Utilities

Below is a listing of free and low-cost software and utilities that I like. I post links here as my way of saying thanks to the developers.

  • 7-Zip A file compression utility. It can open rar, tar and zip files. Also, royalty free creation of software installer files. This is what I used to build the installer for Fire ping. Look up SFX creation in the help files.
  • 3CDaemon 3Com's free integrated TFTP/FTP/Syslog server for Windows 95/98/NT. I've used it on 2k and XP as well. Nice swiss army knife of network utils here. It's quick, free and fits on a floppy. The ftp server has some security vulnerabilites, so you may want to only use it internally. The direct download link was here
  • CDex This allows you to "rip" your music CD's into wav and mp3 files.
  • Cute PDF A free PDF maker. Once installed, one would go "File" > "Print" to make your pdf. This uses Ghostscript under the hood, so you'll need to get it as well.
  • Ghostscript & GSview How would you like to be able to make PDF files for free? First, get Ghostscript You'll probably want to get GSview as well. The two together allow you to make and view PDF files.
  • Grisoft Anti-virus software that's free for personal use. From personal experience, it will detect and clean. If you don't have anything installed at all, use this.
  • ntbkupIf you have a bkf file that you know has your data but cannot get anything to open it, try this utility. It worked for me. Aside: ntbackup.exe is a Microsoft program that is used to make backups (bkf files).
  • Winamp Free mp3 player
  • Password Generator Create random passwords that are highly secure and extremely difficult to crack or guess due to an optional combination of lower and upper case letters, numbers and punctuation symbols.
  • Style Sheets are a webmasters friend. Valid CSS!


  • Conquer Club From their site: "an online multiplayer variation of a popular world domination board game". Think RISK. You can find me on there as fireshadow. I'm always up for a game.

Good causes

  • ALS association Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) or "Lou Gehrig's disease". Dedicated to fighting it.
  • Smile Train dot org Helping kids with Cleft lip and palates to get them repaired. The pictures speak for themselves.
  • Mobile SPCA Local pet adoption agency.

Local Links

  • Boiling Pot Local Seafood place. I like the fried shrimp.
  • Dauphin Realty of Mobile Buying a home was probably one of the most stressful experiences in my life. Ruth Rye was our realtor. I can't say enough good things about her. She helped us out immensely.
  • B & B Appliance Parts. They carry parts for washers, dryers and furnaces. Staff there is extremely helpful. What I like about them the most is they aren't going to sell you more parts than you need.
    B & B Appliance Parts
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  • Faucet Parts of America. This is who the big box stores send you to for plumbing supplies. If Faucet parts doesn't have it, odds are it doesn't exsist. Located at 652 Holcombe.
    Faucet Parts of America
    Phone:(251) 473-1638MAP
    Hours8-4 during week ?
    on Saturday: open until noon

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  • Mobile Public Library Their catalog is searchable online. They also have DVD's as well. This would include current movies that you can check out for a week for $1.00. Contrast this to Blockbuster where it's $4.00 for three days. You can reserve your books and DVD's online as well.
  • Saucy-Q Bar B Que The best Bar B Que restaurant in Mobile. One gets quite a bit of food for the lunch specials. I can't really recommend one thing as it's all so good. The sauce is great. It's also sold seperately; just ask.


  • Betty Roze A local musician by the name of Jacinda Haines aka Betty Roze.


  • Black Box voting Learn about the voting machines produced by Diebold and why they are such a bad idea
  • Open secrets dot org This shows who's giving money to what candidiate. Look up your representatives today!

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