Mardi Gras in Mobile, AL

If you live outside of the area, you may not understand what Mardi Gras is. It's a pretty big deal here in Mobile, AL. This page is set aside for it.

Two definitions before we begin. By "order", I mean the "krewe" or social organization that has the parade. By "throws", I mean items tossed at parade goers by float riders. Typically, these are beads, coins, cups and Moon Pies. While I catch those, I also catch some odd ones too. I haven't found elsewhere on the web listing strange mardi gras throws. The items listed below are broken down by the item caught, the order I caught it from (if I recalled) and the year caught.

  1. An America Online installation (AOL) cd-rom.- MAGMA - 2006. Cheap....
  2. Bag of hard plastic toy tropical fish. Made in malaysia. This was pretty interesting. These didn't float and are made of hard plastic - 2007
  3. Beaded Curtain. Plastic, designed to go over a doorway. The $5 price tag still on it said it came from Dollar General. - 2007
  4. Capri Sun. An aluminum foiled sugar water ballon as it were. -2007
  5. Christmas Cards. I didn't catch these, however, the Mobile press register had a line in an article about this. - 2007
  6. Ramen Noodles. -2007
  7. Sam's choice water. 1/2 liter size. While I appreciate the float rider's concern about dehydration, this could have hurt somebody. -2007
  8. Small paper bag of salted peanuts still in the shell. Tasty! - 2007 (2008 update: Apparently, these aren't so uncommon. Fine by me.)
  9. Valentine's Day candy. As Fat Tuesday was on Feb. 20, 2007, this was kind of cheap. I also heard about Halloween candy being throwed. That's wrong.
  10. Unidentified child's toy pictured below. I'm guessing an orange octopus. No label as to where it was made. It lights up when shaken. Neptunes Daughters - 2008
    • Normal: Picture of orange toy unlit
    • Lit up: Picture of orange toy lit
    • Bag of "Lucky Coins". Green plastic coins - Mystics of Time - 2010

Until next year...

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